Choose 901: 18 Memphis Podcasts To Keep You Entertained and Informed


Memphis offers the world so much in the arts, sports, music, and more. Local podcasts are a fantastic way to learn about new ideas, have a laugh, and listen to stories from your community. You can hear authentic Memphis podcasts on your commute, while you work out, or when you just feel like listening to ideas from Memphians. Check these Memphis podcasts to stay entertained and informed:

The I Love Memphis Blog also has a podcast to give you even more reasons to love Memphis. With interviews of locals and features on why Memphis is awesome, the I Love Memphis Podcast will make you proud to be a Memphian.

Creative Memphis brings Memphis creatives to the forefront to talk about art, unique perspectives, and Memphis every other week for an hour-long talk show.

Spillit Memphis hosts events throughout the year where Memphians get to tell their stories. Spillit also shares these stories through its website and podcasts so you can hear all the incredible stories Memphians have to offer.

Two bike nerds, Sara and Kyle, talk about how biking makes cities better and share stories about bicycling. The Bike Nerds podcast will chat with community leaders and discuss all things biking. Part of the OAM Network.

Garage Athletes is a podcast about health, fitness and how to be a badass on a budget hosted by certified crossfit training coach Justin Metts. Part of the OAM Network.

Black Nerd Power brings you discussion about Sci Fi and Fantasy from a black perspective. Markus Seaberry, Malaika Salaam, and Richard Douglas Jones host weekly shows for you to nerd out to. New episodes every Monday. Part of the OAM Network.

This podcast seeks to ensure you make as much money as possible on your picks. Listeners will be taken on an informative thrill ride, led by CJ Hurt and Justin Ford, thru the world of betting. From professional sports to the Oscars to the potential names of celebrity babies, if there is a wager that can be made you can bet they will have it covered. New episodes every Wednesday. Part of the OAM Network.

The Rotcast focuses on whatever topic is circulating on social media with in-depth discussions about why the topics are popular and what is wrong or right about them. Part of the OAM Network.

Alexandra Pusateri and Taylor Smith host Off The Record and talk about local news by poking fun at local media while letting you know what’s happening in Memphis. New episodes every Monday. Part of the OAM Network.

Beale Street Caravan is all about Memphis music. The one-hour commercial-free program showcases live recordings of both veterans musicians and rising stars.

The Game Show is a podcast hosted by Gil Worth & Zach Losher featuring interesting people playing board games over adult beverages for your amusement. New episodes every Thursday. Part of the OAM Network.

Two best friends, male and female, married and single, kids and no kids, with completely different points of view on world news, pop culture and life! Part of the OAM Network.

Sports through the eyes of Q. Sports talk and debate. New episodes every Wednesday. Part of the OAM Network.

A tournament of roasting where the best comedians in Memphis and abroad go head to head in a battle of insults. Co-Hosted by Katrina Coleman and Tommy Oler. Part of the OAM Network.

The purpose of this podcast to highlight the good things about Memphis but also discuss the things that can be improved. The goal is to break things down simply and then give a specific call to action.

From news and politics to sports and food, The Commercial Appeal podcast covers a wide range of topics.

Kevin Lipe of the Memphis Flyer and Phil Naessens of the Phil Naessens Show discuss the Memphis Grizzlies and the rest of the NBA in this podcast.

The ChangeMakers Podcast presented by The Lipscomb Pitts Breakfast Club shares personal stories and insights from those who are giving back and making a difference so we can learn and do the same.