Dear Memphis,

It’s been a while. Hope you’re well. How about them grizzlies, right? As many of you know my family and I moved to Florida about a year ago to start over fresh. Through the pandemic and other hardships we thought it was the best decision for our family. After the move OAM sat dormant as we created our new lives and started to build our new foundation. OAM has always been and will always be Memphis centric which is why I didn’t make any moves to continue it or even think about moving it away from the bluff city. Which is why I’m excited to announce OAM isn’t leaving Memphis. It’s being reborn and will continue to exist and grow under the good people of Memphis Centric. The vision of OAM has always been to give Memphian’s a voice and platform to be themselves and I can’t think of any other organization that will honor that than Memphis Centric. So stay in the look out for OAM to re-emerge and grow into something bigger and better than it ever was. I can’t think a better way to end this than a classic podcast sign off so here we go. Make sure to subscribe wherever you listen to podcast. Please rate and review and we’ll see you next time. Goodbye.

-Gil Worth